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Baker's Couche/ Bread Proofing Linen Made In Canada


Baker's Couche/ Bread Proofing Linen made with unbleached 100% flax fibre OEKO-TEX 100 Certified. Stitched in-house with care.  Ideal for proofing baguettes or free form loaves.  Transfer proofed baguette or loaf to peel with ease.  Loose weave absorbs moisture from dough surface during final rise giving your baked loaf a crisp and chewy crust.  To clean, shake off excess flour and hang to air dry before storing. Made in Ontario, Canada

Two sizes: Extra Large 65cm x 82cm (proof four standard baguettes) or Large 59cm x 69cm (proof four Demi-baguettes or one boule (1-2 kg size)

"Organic burstage no scoring used.  It's all in the last bit of shaping on the floured couche.  Huge thanks to @cowgirlsandbourbon for the couche."      Wayne Caddy, Sourdough Slingers, UK

"The bread linen was a gift for my partner and he was so impressed & delighted.  I love things that are both beautiful & practical and it was such a pleasure to give something that was obviously made with so much love."  Lisa S. Vancouver Island, BC

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