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Salt Spring Sea Salt Smoked Mesquite


Salt Spring Sea Salt by Philippe Marill & Carolyn Kvajic of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, team up to produce this beautiful finishing salt.  When Pacific sea water is harvested and evaporated in an ideal environment and temperature, delicate salt crystals remain.  The crystals are then infused with natural flavours to create Fleur de Sel with unique tasting profiles.  A labour of love & tradition handcrafted in every pack.

You Really need to try this, so good!  Sprinkle Smoked Mesquite Fleur de Sel on savoury baking such as pizza, focaccia, spinach & onion galettes & Mediterranean pies. Exceptional on meat, fish, potatoes or vegetables for a wood-smoked flavour. Can be used in other recipes where a smokey finish is desired. 

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