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Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow is Ojibwe and a Band Member of Whitefish River First Nation located on Birch Island, Ontario in the District of Manitoulin Island and is the founder of the Innovative First Nations social enterprise, Birch Bark Coffee Company.  
A portion of proceeds of coffee sales helps install water purifying units in Indigenous communities across Canada.  
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Our shortbread cookies are made with recipes passed down from our mothers and grandmothers.  Whether they were amateur or professional bakers, they shared their passion for baking with their children and grandchildren. With amazing bakers on both sides of the family, it seems like baking is in our genes.

We are Lorraine and Julia, a mother/daughter team bringing these cherished recipes to a new generation.  Julia faces challenges living with a disability and is a unique and original person with very special talents. She is carving her own path, just like the women who came before. Lorraine is helping her daughter build a meaningful business. Like Mabel and Kate, we volunteer in our community and we support local charities whenever we can, especially those associated with autism, children’s health and well-being and animal welfare.

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